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Transparency of Digital Asset Platforms

Digital asset platforms have gained significant popularity over the years, but they have also faced criticism due to a lack of transparency.

Transparency Concerns

1. Lack of regulation

  • While there are some exchanges that are regulated by government agencies, most are not.

  • This lack of oversight can make it difficult for users to know if the exchange is operating fairly and transparently.

2. The potential for insider trading

  • As some of these exchanges are not regulated, it is possible for employees to trade on insider information and manipulate the market.

  • This can lead to unfair advantages for certain users and can undermine the integrity of the market.

3. Security breaches

  • There have been instances where digital asset platforms have suffered from security breaches, leading to the loss of user funds.

  • This can be a major concern for users who are not confident in the security measures of the exchange.

To address these concerns, some digital asset platforms have implemented measures to increase transparency.

For example, some exchanges provide regular audits to ensure that user funds are being handled properly and that the exchange is operating fairly.

Others have implemented measures to prevent insider trading, such as separating the roles of employees who have access to sensitive information from those who can trade on the exchange.

There are also initiatives to create a more transparent and regulated environment for cryptocurrency exchanges. For example, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has released guidelines for virtual asset service providers, which include measures to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing.

What are GlobalBlock doing to build trust and transparency?

GlobalBlock is one of the few digital asset platforms that is a publicly listed entity, which means we have to abide by stringent rules, including releasing quarterly financial reports.

We believe it is important for digital asset platforms to prioritise transparency in order to build trust with their users, and that increasing transparency can help to create a more trustworthy and fairer environment for digital asset trading.

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