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Media Relations

As a leading UK crypto platform and a digital asset brokerage our experienced analysts, traders and executive committee are excited to share the GlobalBlock story and comment on the cryptocurrency market.

Contact the PR team

We field a variety of requests from the media including market commentary, special reports, technical analysis, feature articles, platform demonstrations, general cryptocurrency information, client flows, financial results and executive interviews.

As the top UK crypto platform, we can help journalists and members of the media with the following areas:





Altcoins and all cryptocurrencies

Technical Analysis

Market Commentary

Economic events within the cryptocurrency market 

We are also pleased to share the GlobalBlock story and how we came to build our UK crypto platform and our senior management team are available to discuss our ambition to become the UK's leading digital asset brokerage. 

For any media enquiries please contact:

Clients should contact our Personal Account Management team:
Tel: +44 (0)20 3307 3780

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