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Unlock the power of crypto for your business

GlobalBlock empowers businesses to promote their goods and services to cryptocurrency users.

The solution for your business

As a specialist broker for cryptocurrency, we assume the inherent risks for our partners from start to finish so they don’t have to.

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Enhanced due diligence

We know how important it is for you to know exactly who you are doing business with before you engage with a new client. We will help you leverage the power of blockchain to build a risk profile before you take receipt of funds.

Manage volatility

Based on your risk tolerance we can help you decide which coins to transact in and then build a strategy to protect your margins from the risk of market volatility. Our team of traders remain on hand to book conversions around the clock.

Transparent pricing

No hidden costs, no withdrawal/deposit fees, no custodial fees.


Internal governance

All GlobalBlock clients are given the opportunity to set guidelines in terms of who has access to your digital asset wallet. You can set specific rules for funds going in and out which drastically reduces the risk of theft, human error and ultimately spreads accountability within your organisation.

Referral program for partners to
make a difference

Our introducing broker program rewards individuals and businesses who refer new customers to GlobalBlock. Simply introduce customers to us as their broker for cryptocurrency using your contacts or marketing efforts and generate income for you or your business.

On and Off Ramping

You can start introducing clients to us and generating income quickly and easily.

Risk Management

We offer transparent commission sharing agreements. Commission can be paid in both fiat and crypto.

Structured Corporate Accounts

Keep up to date with your commission payments and your customers’ trading activity with our agent portal.

Ready to build the future of your business with digital assets?

Open a corporate account with GlobalBlock, the leading broker for cryptocurrency, and our highly experienced team can make the process quick and straightforward.

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