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The Digital Economy

That 5-figure business owners still haven’t caught onto yet.

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Traditional banking rails shrink your marketplace: Paying or receiving funds from the western world is pretty easy. The banking connections are set, margins are thin, and we are all rightly or wrongly locked in and benefitting from the race to the bottom. But for those looking to add value in underserviced parts of the world the game is different. It takes real buying power, a long list of middlemen and local know-how to jump through the long list of regulatory and custom hoops and still successfully turn a profit. Those that do can then enjoy the wider margins as it is a privilege reserved for the few. Traditional banking rails are too slow: Even with SWIFT and corresponding banks, businesses are forced to accept 2-3 working days for funds to become available. This bottleneck in cash flow poses numerous risks but the main one is a scary thought. Imagine if your direct competitors could get access to their funds 25% quicker than you could, consistently. How long would it take them to maximise a competitive advantage? How much more demand could they create? How much more inventory could they take on and respond to that demand faster? Suppliers make concessions to those who make it easier: Businesses in emerging markets have switched to crypto, by using a digital currency broker. This trend continues to grow as it allows them to level the playing field in an ultra-competitive global market. Western businesses have started to recognise this. They decide to pay said suppliers in crypto to make their lives easier in exchange for a discount on the services provided. Win/Win. So to recap, this is what you need to remember: A standard currency account will not carry you far in the digital world. Open your businesses up to blockchain, make the most of the speed and efficiency it can provide and let your team sell into a broader market by using a digital currency broker. To play globally you have to think outside the box: traditional banking rails stop this. Speed kills: Cashflow is king and whilst it is stuck in the pipes you cannot put it to work. Suppliers/clients will do business with whoever makes it easier: Crypto is becoming more and more popular in emerging markets, you can no longer rely on just a traditional bank account.

Have you thought about using a digital currency broker in the emerging digital economy?

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