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GlobalBlock remains strong

Following the recent market downturn, much has been rightly made of several crypto related businesses defaulting and entering bankruptcy proceedings.

One reason for these events is due to organisations taking on risk with either lending (secured or otherwise) or leverage. However, GlobalBlock, has always differentiated itself from others by implementing strict internal risk management procedures and steered clear from lending to any third parties, offering any leveraged products, or taking on leverage ourselves.

Whilst we believe in DeFi and how it will play an important part in the future of Web 3, we made the decision to hold off with integrating it into our services, which has served us well. The reason for our decision was that the safety of our client funds is of our utmost priority, which we could not guarantee with many DeFi providers.

It is clear that during this current market turmoil, transparency is needed from crypto service providers to bring trust to investors. GlobalBlock delivers trust by offering:

  • No Leverage

  • No Lending

  • No hidden fees

  • Real customer service and support

GlobalBlock allows you to trade digital assets securely with a personalised service. Our traders, with many years of experience in both crypto and capital markets, can help guide you every step of the way.

As a publicly listed company, we are accountable and transparent with our procedures, being a digital asset provider who you can trust. If you would like to hear more, get in touch with the GlobalBlock team!


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