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Regulatory Brief Ep.3 Crypto Regulation in the UK

Crypto Regulation in the UK

Crypto Regulation in the UK

The United Kingdom lacks a comprehensive framework for regulating cryptocurrencies currently. However, the UK recently released draft regulations for the regulation of crypto assets, which is a positive development for UK crypto platforms and cryptocurrency brokerage firms.

First, a "world-leading" framework will clarify the UK's plans to clamp down on crypto platforms, particularly centralised crypto lending. The goal of this will be to bring crypto lenders' standards closer to those of traditional finance. This is especially huge in light of the fact that crypto loaning has been the underlying driver for the overwhelming majority of crypto giants and cryptocurrency brokerage firms becoming bankrupt the year before. Additionally, the UK may be ahead of two major jurisdictions because the EU and US have not yet regulated crypto lending.

In spite of the fact that the UK now has a plan to regulate the crypto industry, it will take some time before the rules are put into effect. Nonetheless, crypto businesses and cryptocurrency brokerage firms can be assured that the UK is on the right track toward embracing the industry by having a regulatory direction. The strategy may also make it possible for institutional investors to use UK crypto platforms with greater conviction when allocating capital to the sector.

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