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Institutional Adoption

GB Market Commentary 22/10/2021

by Will Morris

Bitcoin has found strong support at $62k, down 3% in 24 hours. The number of new addresses on the Bitcoin Network is starting to rise steeply - increasing by over 30% since lows in July. Solana has been very resilient and is up almost 12% in 24hours. Ethereum on the other hand is down 0.5%.

The decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem on the Solana (SOL) blockchain has seen the total value locked get close to the $13 billion mark to hit a new all-time high as more users move to the blockchain because of its transaction speeds and lower fees.

Pension fund for Texas firefighters reportedly allocates $25M to Bitcoin and Ether.

The Associated Press (AP) is running a Chainlink node and will begin uploading a significant set of data, leveraging Chainlink’s technology to guarantee the reliability of its information.

FTX reached a new valuation of $25 billion following a Series B funding round.


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