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CBDCs: Pros and Cons

CBDCs: Pros and Cons

Pros of CBDCs

1. Increasing financial inclusion

  • CBDCs may enable individuals to participate in the economy without having to go through traditional banks in developing nations where access to traditional financial institutions is restricted.

  • The growth and activity of the economy in these areas may rise as a result of this.

2. Reduce reliance on cash

  • The reliance on physical cash, which is susceptible to counterfeiting and other forms of fraud, may decrease if CBDCs are used instead.

3. Improve the transmission of monetary policy by increasing its efficacy

  • CBDCs could provide central banks with a more direct means of influencing the money supply.

  • For instance, in the COVID lockdowns, individuals who received government checks could have been directly monetised through CBDCs, which would have been significantly more effective.

  • Individualised interest rates based on demographics or other factors can also be given to individuals, allowing central banks to tighten their grip on the economy.

Negatives of CBDCs

1. Loss of privacy:

While traditional cash transactions provide some degree of anonymity, digital transactions can be traced and followed.

  • In countries with authoritarian governments, this may raise privacy concerns.

2. Loss of control: Governments will be able to stop people from spending their money on things they choose and will be able to freeze accounts, reverse transactions, and so on.

  • Concerns regarding losing control include:

  1. set an expiration date for everyone's money;

  2. limit how much anyone can spend in a given time period;

  3. limit the products each person can buy and when;

  4. cancel or confiscate all of your money at any time;

  5. allow anyone to collect taxes or payments whenever they want without your permission or the permission of the court.

3. Security concerns

  • The possibility of cyber-attacks and other forms of digital fraud is another potential problem.

  • Although encryption and other security measures can protect digital currencies, hackers can still steal or manipulate CBDCs.

  • Individuals and businesses could suffer financial losses as a result.

While CBDCs have the potential to improve the efficiency of financial transactions and increase financial inclusion and stability, privacy and security concerns must be taken into account. Before fully adopting CBDCs, it is essential to carefully evaluate the potential advantages and disadvantages, as with any new technology.

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